The future of energy

ENOWA is where the present and future of renewable energy converge. Thanks to
its location in the north west of Saudi Arabia, it offers a unique vantage point for
leveraging both solar and wind power in one innovative dual system, paving the
way for the next frontier in clean energy.

  • 100% Renewable Energy System

    As part of its future fully renewable grid, ENOWA Energy has initiated the first grid infrastructure project, designing and executing substations and transmission lines spanning hundreds of kilometers. Such power grid infrastructure will have the objective of transmitting clean solar PV and wind energy from their sources to the demand points. This has never been accomplished anywhere else in the world and is a special moment for NEOM.

  • Solar & Wind Energy

    As a result of thorough analysis, NEOM has identifed attractive wind and solar locations within its lands for future development of renewable energy generation technologies. As part of it's joint-venture with ACWA Power and Air Products, the development of the first solar and wind farm sites is due to be launched in the coming months.

  • Customer Platform

    NEOM will be the first 100% renewables-based energy system in the world. ENOWA operating system will be linked to a digital energy platform (DEP) which connects all energy assets and related hardware. The NEOM Energy Operating System is the mastermind of the DEP. All electricity infrastructure such as power plants, substations, and houses will have a data connection to the DEP. This is a game-changer in the way we run 100% renewables.

The future of water

Building a sustainable future for all. By minimizing water costs,
eradicating waste and preventing pollution. This means recycling 100%
of wastewater, a net zero footprint, renewable energy and sea-water
mining. Indeed, water must stay where it belongs, in the wild.

Water services

ESG report

  • Integrated Seawater Desalination with Brine Processing

    ENOWA Innovation Hub will house Centers of Excellence focusing on applied and commercial research for water specific R&D projects. Right now, we’re focusing on renewably powered advanced desalination of seawater, zero waste and recycled water reuse. Longer term interests include advanced water recycling treatment, brine processing, smart sensors and smart water usage, industrial demand reduction processes, stormwater harvesting, and world-class full seawater processing (brine mining) for high-value minerals and clean industrial products such as magnesium metals and high purity salts, thereby achieving zero waste while generating strong economic value.

  • Wastewater & Resource Harvesting

    ENOWA 5,000 km of smart wastewater collection and recycled water distribution networks will be connected through advanced Internet of Water (IoW) infrastructure, ensuring minimal water loss and demand management. The Al Bada’ Water Recycling Innovation Center will incorporate test facilities to pilot emerging technologies with a view towards implementation in permanent NEOM infrastructure. We foster and encourage innovation by collaborating with suppliers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to identify and apply cutting-edge technologies. Our Innovation Centers will serve as test beds for technology demonstration and maturation for full-scale deployment.

  • Smart Monitoring Technologies

    By 2030, NEOM Water will serve a population of 1,000,000+ connected by 5,000 km smart networks to a series of centralized and decentralized water recycling and resource recovery plants. Distribution is the core of every water utility’s business. NEOM is building smart water systems across its network serving each development area to deliver quality drinking water, recycled and fire services water, whilst removing wastewater and runoff with reduced leakage. A smart water network, serving every built–up area of NEOM, will be delivered through each regional development plan and includes systems for: Potable water, Mineralized drinking water, Recycled/fire water, Sewerage water and runoff water.

The future of hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a key role in the energy transition, by enabling the renewable
energy system and decarbonizing end uses. We will build the first at-scale green
hydrogen production facility.

  • Clean Energy From Green Hydrogen

    With over 4 GW of dedicated solar and wind power, 2000 MW of water electrolysis, and it’s own marine export facility, NEOM is able to produce 650 tons of virgin green hydrogen per day, converting into 1.2 million tons of green ammonia per year. NEOM Green Hydrogen Company have formed a partnership with Air Products, who will exclusively off-take the ammonia as a hydrogen carrier for global H2-mobility markets. Projects are under development and onstream in 2025, with an estimated saving of over 3 mn tons per year of CO2 emissions.

  • Green Hydrogen in Transport

    The way we power vehicles has to change – not just private cars with their intermittent usage, but the vehicles of mass public transport that are driving around our cities all day, every day. Solar and wind energy will not only provide sustainable energy on their own, but they’ll also offer a singular set of conditions for developing new clean technologies, such as green hydrogen — perhaps the biggest driver for the future of global decarbonization. Along with huge carbon savings, green hydrogen will also have less price volatility than other emerging renewable fuels. With this in mind, we’ve created a demo fleet of vehicles including trucks, forklifts and buses that transport the workforce.

  • Localised Green Hydrogen Technology

    Because of it’s geographical location, NEOM benefits from very high solar radiation and average winds speeds, amounting to complementary load curves of solar and wind. Domestically we can out-perform local green, blue and grey hydrogen producers. But there are also other benefits to staying local, these include job creation, which leads to an expansion of the Gross Domestic Product contribution of the KSA economy. If we can train local people and keep the production largely in-house, it will be easier to create packaged deals for partners and investors. Internationally, we can become a cost leader in hydrogen transportation for shipping to Japan, Korea, and Mainland Europe.

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