Partnering with nature
to create sustainable abundance of life’s basic elements


Through our partnership with nature, we are committed to transforming nature’s abundance through design & technology, and creating possibilities to empower our lives through sustainable living. This is why ENOWA believes in circular design, where taking from nature must come full-circle to give back to nature and create sustainable abundance through transformational possibilities, delivering on the ENOWA promise.

Our goals and objectives

  • 01

    Build a 100% renewables-based energy system at record low cost

  • 02

    Setup a sustainable and cost competitive water supply with zero liquid discharge

  • 03

    Establish a leading smart customer-centric platform that maximizes sustainability

  • 04

    Build clean industries and support global manufacturing with sustainable industrial products

  • 05

    Create a global innovation ecosystem and multi-industry adaptive framework

NEOM Establish Smart Technology With Zero Foot Print

Why We’re Different

We have a clean slate approach to establishing energy, water and hydrogen production and regulation using smart technology and a sustainable economic framework, realizing substantial ROI with zero footprint.

We’re Looking for the
brightest minds

If you are a dreamer and a doer, or a shifter and a shaper, or a builder and a
creator, then we want to hear from you.

We are the Accelerators of Change

Here’s how we’ll do it.

  • 01

    Supplying water and electricity to the ENOWA community while providing sustainable fuels like green hydrogen to international users, all of which are generated locally through processes powered by renewable energy.

  • 02

    Using the waste products of energy, water and hydrogen processes to generate beneficial products that create new industries in a true sustainable economy.

  • 03

    Partnering with the best global energy, water and hydrogen sector stakeholders to achieve ENOWA vision, and working collectively to expand usage of the ENOWA framework across new industries.

Using circular design &
technology to realize Neom

NEOM is a global opportunity for change.

ENOWA will be the catalyst of the energy transition, using circular design and groundbreaking technologies to realize NEOM’s ambition and introduce a new model for urban sustainability powered by 100% renewable energy and a smart network that distributes high-standard water to all of NEOM, while exporting clean industrial resources & sustainable solutions to the world.

NEOM Saudi Arabia
  • Redefine Livability

    Sustainable & cost effective energy & water solutions promoting social justice.

  • Redefine Businesses

    Building a smart energy & water system that produces clean industrial resources with zero discharge & great economic return.

  • Redefine Conservation

    Create a global innovation ecosystem & multi-industry adaptive framework through a single technology platform enabling cross industry sustainability practices & partnerships.

Our Executive Team

The ENOWA Company is bringing together world-leading experts to help build a
more sustainable future, preserving whilst recreating through groundbreaking technology.

What’s Happening

  • WFES Summit

    The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is a leading international event accelerating sustainability and the global transition to clean energy, taking place annually in Abu Dhabi. WFES 2022 took place in January, and the Summit included five simultaneous thought leadership forums: Solar & Clean Energy, EcoWASTE, Climate & Environment, Smart Cities, and Water.

    ENOWA participated in WFES as the principal partner, where it promoted investment opportunities around energy, water, and hydrogen. The ENOWA booth stood out with its stunning design and was visited by 1000+ visitors. In addition, the Solar and Clean Energy Forum kicked off with a keynote by Jens Madrian, Executive Director, NEOM Energy, as well as other participants.

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  • Launching of the New Identity

    March 21 st will mark a milestone for ENOWA, as they will be launching the new brand name and identity.

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  • Partner Conference

    March 2022 will have many milestones for ENOWA, as they officially launch their new company brand and hold various events for both their current and prospective partners. On March 27 & 28, ENOWA will host a two-day event in Riyadh. The two-day conference will deep dive into relevant projects and investment opportunities around the companies’ activities.

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  • HIDC Conference

    On March 29 th ENOWA will launch the Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center (HIDC), which is the first of its kind in the region.

    The exclusive invite-only event will take place in OXAGON, NEOM’s reimagined industrial city and global innovation hub on Tuesday, March 29. HIDC is part of NEOM’s plan to accelerate innovation and business development across the spectrum of hydrogen and green fuel production, utilization and transport, supporting the Kingdom’s aim to become a global clean energy hub and an accelerator for circular carbon economy (CCE) technologies.

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Where to find us


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