Through our partnership with nature, we are committed to transforming nature’s abundance through design & technology, and creating possibilities to empower our lives through sustainable living. This is why ENOWA believes in circular design, where taking from nature must come full-circle to give back to nature and create sustainable abundance through transformational possibilities, delivering on the ENOWA promise.

Our goals and objectives

  • 01

    Build a 100% renewables-based energy system at record low cost

  • 02

    Setup a sustainable and cost competitive water supply with zero liquid discharge

  • 03

    Establish a leading smart customer-centric platform that maximizes sustainability

  • 04

    Build clean industries and support global manufacturing with sustainable industrial products

  • 05

    Create a global innovation ecosystem and multi-industry adaptive framework

NEOM Establish Smart Technology With Zero Foot Print

Why We’re Different

We have a clean slate approach to establishing energy, water and hydrogen production and regulation using smart technology and a sustainable economic framework, realizing substantial ROI with zero footprint.

What’s Happening

  • A global collaboration on driving progress

    The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland is an opportunity for governments, global leaders and policy makers to come together to discuss the world’s most pressing issues – ultimately driving impact and progress. ENOWA, through NEOM, is a strategic partner associate of WEF. Through centers, communities and initiatives, NEOM is working alongside WEF to develop and secure a better future for all.

    This year’s annual meeting was held from January 15 to 19. ENOWA’s CEO, Peter Terium and Haya Aljoudi, Energy Projects Lead, represented the organization at the annual meeting in Davos. During the World Economic Forum, ENOWA discussed driving the green revolution in energy production with smart energy grids from an end-to-end value chain.

    Highlights from the event

    Peter participated in a fireside chat with Siemens Energy AG CEO and Vice President, Christian Bruch -- the two discussed the challenges of a transition to 100% clean energy.

    “Generally, transitioning to 100% clean energy involves the shift from traditional fuel-based energy sources to renewable and sustainable solutions. The difference at ENOWA is that we are starting from scratch, with a blank piece of paper. So, instead, our challenge is creating solutions that don’t exist, because no one in the world has ever done this.”

    You can watch the full fireside chat on ENOWA's YouTube channel here.

    At NEOM House, ENOWA shared its vision and latest developments through immersive experiences, films and real-world models. Haya, as the ENOWA ambassador at NEOM House, greeted and presented guests with NEOM's key pillars, values and NEOM's regional projects like Sindalah, THE LINE, Trojena, Oxagon, Epicon, Siranna and Leyja. Additionally, she discussed how ENOWA's renewable energy system will power NEOM.

    Davos 2024 focus areas

    Davos 2024's focus areas that aligned with ENOWA's goals and mission included:

    • creating growth and jobs for a new era,
    • artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society, and
    • long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy.

    In addition to the activities at the annual meeting, Frank Brichau, ENOWA's Managing Director of Customer & Digital, shared his perspective in a thought leadership piece on how ENOWA uses AI to meticulously process and analyze complex data with accuracy and bring a 100% renewable energy system to life. You can read his full article here.

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  • ENOWA and Monaco Hydrogen Alliance: empowering the green hydrogen revolution

    ENOWA celebrated another successful year as the strategic partner for the Monaco Hydrogen Alliance (MHA), a leading industry association that promotes the use of green hydrogen in mobility solutions for land, maritime and aviation.

    In November 2023, the Alliance held its second edition of their annual forum in Monaco, where our Hydrogen team was represented by Roland Kaeppner, Managing Director and Dr. Yasmeen Najm, Technology & Innovation Manager.

    The theme of the event, “Driving the Green H2 Revolution: Innovation, Investment and Infrastructure,” strategically connects with ENOWA’s mission to champion environmentally friendly hydrogen initiatives. It brings together key industry players from all parts of the hydrogen mobility value chain and enables the exchange of ideas and insights to promote the use of green hydrogen solutions and technologies.

    Roland and Yasmeen participated in dedicated sessions at the forum. Roland led the introductory keynote at the beginning of the forum, highlighting the bright future that lies ahead for green hydrogen and NEOM and how we are actively building out our hydrogen economy. Yasmeen led a standing room only workshop session highlighting the technology and innovations strategy around green maritime. Their insights into the progress of NEOM and future plans for green hydrogen mobility were well-received by the audience, reflecting ENOWA's dedication to leading positive change in the hydrogen landscape.

    Additionally, they lent their expertise in judging the Monaco Hydrogen Prize. The prize aims to identify innovative and differentiated technologies that can have a demonstrable impact on the development of renewable hydrogen across the landscape of mobility and transportation. The winners of the 2023 Prize was H2FLY, a German based developer of hydrogen-electric powertrain systems for aircraft. The H2FLY team won based on their innovative vision to make air travel truly sustainable through use of hydrogen fuel cells – something they believe will revolutionize the way we build and operate aircrafts and transform commercial aviation.

    The annual event is an invaluable platform for ENOWA, providing the opportunity to forge strong relationships and connect with key stakeholders across the industry. As the main strategic partner, we remain committed to promoting green hydrogen mobility, across all of NEOM’s projects and cities. The Monaco Hydrogen Alliance has played a pivotal role in amplifying our vision on a global scale, bringing us closer to realizing a sustainable and hydrogen-powered future.

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  • ENOWA forges ahead with e-fuel innovation

    In an era where environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions take center stage, ENOWA and Aramco are making strides in the world of alternative fuels by joining forces to create a groundbreaking synthetic electro fuel (e-fuel) demonstration plant. This ambitious endeavor, set to be built within ENOWA’s Hydrogen Innovation Development Center (HIDC) located at Oxagon, is poised to redefine the future of energy and transport.

    Our CEO Peter Terium and Aramco’s Executive Vice President of Technology & Innovation, Ahmad Al Khowaiter marked the occasion with a signing ceremony at this year’s FII event in Riyadh.

    A leap forward in e-fuel technology

    The joint development agreement between ENOWA and Aramco promises to yield a first-of-its-kind e-fuel plant. The plant's primary mission is to showcase the technical feasibility and commercial viability of producing 35 barrels per day of low-carbon, synthetic gasoline. This e-fuel technology adopts a circular carbon economy approach, potentially reducing CO2 emissions by over 70 percent across its complete life cycle when compared to conventional fuels.

    The inclusion of proprietary technologies from tk Uhde and ExxonMobil not only exemplifies the commitment to innovation but also underscores the practical implementation of next-generation green fuel technologies for large-scale projects.

    A vision for a sustainable future

    The HIDC's mission extends beyond producing e-fuels. It highlights Saudi Arabia's commitment to driving sustainable energy initiatives and reducing its carbon footprint.

    Aramco has been actively exploring low-carbon synthetic fuels for several years, and the demonstration plant is the culmination of extensive research and development efforts aimed at optimizing synthetic fuel production. Similarly, here at ENOWA we are committed to embracing e-fuels as an integral part of a circular carbon economy, with the potential to significantly reduce emissions and validate green fuel technologies for future large-scale applications.

    As the world seeks innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and move toward a more sustainable future, the plant offers a glimpse into a cleaner and greener tomorrow. It not only demonstrates the technical feasibility of e-fuels but also underscores the commercial viability of synthetic gasoline production from renewable-based hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide.

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  • An uplifting development for the KSA:

    A stellar, sustainable debut for helicopter-aided construction

    We're thrilled to announce yet another engineering feat: ENOWA has used helicopter-aided construction to install high-voltage transmission line towers, which carry energy from one point to another. A Saudi first, the method involves the transportation of five pieces of the transmission line tower from the staging area to the base of the tower where it is then assembled.

    One of the many benefits of using helicopter-aided construction is greater efficiency in installing transmission towers, especially in a mountainous area. It does so by reducing the manpower and additional work that the building of transmission towers using cranes normally demands. Importantly, the process is also much more harmonious with nature and limits the environmental impact of construction.

    By removing the need for new compacted access roads and large spaces to be used for access by trucks, cranes and other heavy equipment, helicopter-aided construction decreases the carbon footprint thanks to the limited use of heavy equipment in the mountainous area.

    This new achievement was led by Saudi Project Engineer Jumanah Almurdhi, showcasing NEOM's dedication to offering professional opportunities for top talent across the Kingdom. The project also supports ENOWA's track record as a key regional player advancing more efficient and ecologically friendly methods of construction, while building a 100% renewables-based energy system and strengthening NEOM's goal to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

    On this project, ENOWA collaborated with key partners, including the Saudi Electricity Company, Al Sharif Group Holdings, Helicopter Express, Inc., and Al Rushaid Group.

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  • Decarbonizing the maritime industry

    ENOWA hosted a green maritime roundtable earlier this month to discuss the question: does green hydrogen hold a key to maritime decarbonization? Given that greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors need to peak by 2025 -- reaching net-zero by the middle of this century -- the maritime industry must and can play its part in this transition. The panelists touched on industry trends and opportunities and the tangible ways to advance the use of renewable hydrogen for the green maritime industry and hydrogen mobility.

    Participants of the roundtable included:

    • Princess Mashael bint Saud Al-Shalan, Founding Partner of Aeon Strategy
    • Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E
    • John Rossant, Founder and President of Monaco Hydrogen Alliance and Co-Motion and NEOM Board Member
    • Phil Sharp, Technical Director and CTO at OceansLab and Genevos
    • Max Sirena, Team Director at Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli
    • Roland Kaeppner, Executive Director of Hydrogen and Green Fuels at ENOWA

    By championing green initiatives and supporting the adoption of cleaner technologies, ENOWA is playing a vital role in shaping a greener future for the maritime industry and ensuring the preservation of our oceans and coastal regions for generations to come. More information about ENOWA’s green maritime initiatives will be shared later this year.

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  • Island X Prix in Sardinia shines a light on ENOWA’s innovations

    Earlier this month, ENOWA travelled to Sardinia, Italy for Extreme E’s Island X Prix race. The electric car series was built around the idea of racing vehicles in remote areas to raise awareness of climate issues. It is clear, however, that the climate crisis is not only a problem that affects remote locations, but all environments including islands like Sardinia which are suffering from rising temperatures, coastal erosion and wildfires.

    ENOWA, as the official green hydrogen power partner of the racing series, aims to implement innovative green hydrogen-based fuels and technologies to not only power the race sites and cars, but also to showcase the opportunities around this technology, promoting hydrogen as a widespread sustainable solution to accelerate climate action.

    Island X Prix race days

    For the Island X Prix, ENOWA provided hydrogen for the fuel cell, which in turn fueled the race.

    Over the course of the weekend, ENOWA provided fuel in the form of green methanol to help power the fuel cell to power the race site. Hydrogen as a fuel is different from traditional fuels, created by sun and water, one of the most natural sources of energy we have. By working with innovative technology providers like Kaizen Clean Energy, ENOWA was able to demonstrate the portability of green hydrogen and bring the sun and water of Saudi to Sardinia.

    On day two of the race, Roland Kaeppner participated in Extreme E’s Tipping Point Talk, which focused on green hydrogen and its applications in different industries. Joined by Alejandro Agag, Kaizen Clean Energy Co-founder, Robert Meaney and moderated by the Head of Marketing and Communications at ENOWA, Ceciel Mulders, the group answered important questions around green hydrogen development and hydrogen as an effective renewable energy source.

    Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky and Johan Kristoffersson, with the Rosberg X Racing team, won first place twice over the weekend, becoming the first team to do so in the new double-header format.

    Upcoming 2023 races

    There are two more races coming up this year -- more information about that and Extreme E can be found on its website.

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  • Redefining sustainability: ENOWA publishes its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance report

    ENOWA Water is proud to announce it has released its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report which sets the standard for world class global and sustainable best practice in water. This is the first ESG report to be published in NEOM, a major accomplishment for the organization as sustainability is a core principle that guides the region’s decision-making, implementation, day-to-day activities and behaviors at all levels.

    The report outlines ENOWA’s approach to sustainability in a way that is easy to understand and transparent in nature. Additionally, it sets out the desired sustainability related outcomes and critical targets for NEOM and demonstrates the organization’s intention to deliver and measure progress on these targets and results in the future.

    “Guided by NEOM’s commitment to innovation, we are developing groundbreaking models and pioneering technologies for the global water sector. We are equally committed to sustainable practices across the organization and to finding solutions to the world’s most pressing issues like water scarcity,” said Executive Director of Water at ENOWA, Gavin Van Tonder. “We are proud of our ESG report which lays out in a transparent manner our clear vision of cultivating a sustainable future and preserving our planet’s most precious resources.”

    In line with NEOM’s vision of the new future and what it means when applied to ENOWA, the ESG Report has been tailored to eight specific outcomes:

    1. productive and financially sustainable services,
    2. carbon negative and climate resilient services,
    3. environmentally restorative and regenerative services,
    4. highly efficient and integrated services,
    5. services that move beyond circularity and maximize value from outputs,
    6. functional and socially supportive services,
    7. safe, reliable, and affordable services, and
    8. inclusive and accountable services.

    In a world-first, the report simultaneously leverages four globally recognized reporting frameworks. The Global Reporting Initiative Reporting Standards are the most comprehensive sustainability reporting standards and cover the full range of environmental, social and corporate governance issues across various topics. The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Reporting Standards are a global set of reporting standards that are financially-material and industry-based. The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 global goals set by the United Nations for all countries to achieve by 2030 in pursuit of sustainable development. And, lastly, the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures is a global framework for reporting the impacts of climate change to financial markets.

    Through implementing holistic and innovative sustainability initiatives, ENOWA will achieve the most ambitious sustainability targets within the global water sector, moving to full circularity and beyond, to prioritize resilience and prosperity for NEOM’s environment, economy and society.

    Noteworthy highlights from the inaugural report on ENOWA Water’s achievements include:

    • Resource recovery: 98 percent of wastewater recovered by our Al Bada Water Recycling Plant has been treated for use as Recycled Water. The remaining 2 percent is sludge and evaporative loss.
    • Service Reliability: no customers of the Al Bada Recycling Plant or the High Point Reservoir have experienced any interruptions to-date.
    • Safe water supply: 100 percent of High Point Reservoir customers have been provided with chemically and microbiologically compliant potable water.
    • Climate-resilient infrastructure design: all asset designs to date are compliant with NEOM Sustainability Code and undergo comprehensive multi-hazard risk and resilience evaluation.

    You can download the full ENOWA Water ESG report here.

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  • Projects to advance zero-waste water research and solutions

    ENOWA Water is changing the future of water in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University. In April 2023, the sector signed a master research agreement with Pennsylvania State University to drive innovation and solutions to global water challenges.

    The five-year agreement will accelerate ground-breaking technical research in the fields of smart water technologies, desalination and rare earth mineral and metal recovery. The research will be conducted at Penn State, followed by physical testing at the Water Innovation Center in NEOM. The Water Innovation Center will act as a testbed for technologies that could have far-reaching and world-changing impacts on the global water industry.

    “This is another key milestone for NEOM as we continue to invest in and develop world-class renewable utilities infrastructure,” said Executive Director of Water, Gavin Van Tonder. “We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the world’s top water research universities to transform and realize sustainable possibilities in the water sector. Not only does this strengthen our technology portfolio, but it will also accelerate the global progress on sustainable water management.”

    The occasion was marked by a signing event in Boston during the Discover NEOM tour on Thursday, April 13, attended by Bruce Logan, Director of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment at Penn State alongside Van Tonder.

    “I am so pleased that a trailblazing organization like ENOWA sees value in Penn State’s research innovations and potential for addressing water needs and solutions,” said Logan. “An agreement such as this is a tangible statement that affirms ENOWA’s confidence in Penn State’s researchers and the scientific and engineering solutions they develop.”

    More information about the partnership can be found in the full press release.

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  • ENOWA shares its vision for advancing water technologies at the 2023 European Desalination Society Congress

    Access to clean and affordable water is one of the major issues of our time. One of ENOWA’s core objectives is to develop sustainable solutions to combat global water challenges. At the 2023 European Desalination Society Congress in May, ENOWA Water experts presented on the organization’s ground-breaking approach to desalination and brine processing.

    Highlights from the conference:

    ENOWA’s Innovative Solution to Brine Management: Creating 3D Printable Concrete

    Dr. Noura Chehab, Water Research and Innovation Manager at ENOWA, outlined ENOWA’s innovative approach to processing and utilizing brine from desalination. A by-product of the desalination process, concentrated brine is harmful to marine environments when discharged back into the sea – and is especially harmful to the beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea. In line with NEOM’s zero-liquid discharge mandate, ENOWA is testing new brine processing technology for use in high value applications such as 3D printing of sustainable concrete materials.

    ENOWA and Delft University recently published results about this in a joint feasibility study -- testing will continue in NEOM.

    You can read the full feasibility study online.

    NEOM Integrated Selective Desalination and Brine Processing

    Robert Garner, Director of Water Supply at ENOWA, examined the limitations of traditional approaches to the development of seawater desalination schemes, where the focus has mainly been on reducing cost of water production at the expense of innovation and environmental sustainability. He contrasts this with an integrated selective desalination and brine processing approach and outlines how ENOWA plans to achieve zero-liquid discharge through a joint venture with Veolia and ITOCHU.

    This joint venture will enable the technical complexity of the project to be managed whilst also demonstrating and delivering a financially compliant and bankable solution.

    Innovation for Sustainable Desalination and Water Reuse

    Nikolay Voutchkov, Executive Director of the Water Innovation Center at ENOWA, gave an overview of recent innovations in materials and water technologies and examined their potential impacts on reducing both energy use and associated costs related to desalination and water recycling activities. He also discussed brine mining and green chemical technologies currently being developed for testing in NEOM, to support environmentally and fiscally sustainable desalination and water recycling practices.

    Implementation of these new technologies could trigger disruptive decreases in the cost of both desalinated and recycled water.

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  • ENOWA signs agreements with HITACHI ENERGY and SEC to design the 1st phase of NEOM transmission system

    ENOWA has signed an agreement with Hitachi Energy, a global technology leader advancing a sustainable energy future for all, under the supervision and management of the Ministry of Energy along with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

    The agreements include the supply of three high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems to end customer ENOWA, the utility company for NEOM. The three HVDC links will have a total power capacity of up to 9 gigawatts (GW).

    The agreements include an order from ENOWA's engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) partner, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) awarded to Hitachi Energy and its consortium partner, Saudi Services for Electro Mechanical Works (SSEM), to provide one of the world's first 3 GW, 525 kilovolt (kV) HVDC Light® transmission system connecting Oxagon, NEOM's regional development, with the larger Yanbu area more than 650 kilometers away in Western Saudi Arabia.

    Hitachi Energy's scope of supply includes design, engineering, procurement of HVDC technology and commissioning of the HVDC Light converter stations. Whilst SSEM - a leading Saudi EPC specialized in power, water and industrial projects - will design and supply the AC equipment portion and perform the construction and the installation. The converter stations convert the power from AC to DC then back to AC for integration into the receiving grid. The converters will be sourced by and supplied to Saudi Electricity Company, who were contracted in 2022 by ENOWA to act as their EPCM to build this first HVDC system for NEOM.

    Further to this, Hitachi Energy and ENOWA have signed an early works and capacity reservation agreement for two additional HVDC projects, each rated up to 3 GW. Under this agreement, both companies commit to having the resources and capacity necessary to implement these two HVDC systems. As part of a new scalable and modular regional network design that is targeted to seamlessly integrate future renewables and energy storage technologies in the NEOM Energy System, making it unique in terms of size and complexity. The cooperation will also explore opportunities to develop local competencies in the Kingdom, including ways to sustainably assemble the necessary HVDC Light components locally.

    “By securing the first capacities for such an important part of our future grid in only one year since the decision to use this technology, we show ENOWA's commitment to supporting Saudi Vision 2030 in collaboration with Saudi Electricity Company and Hitachi Energy,” said Thorsten Schwarz, Executive Director of Grid Technology & Projects, Energy of ENOWA.

    “We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with ENOWA and Saudi Electricity Company in order to power one of the most visionary development projects of all time,” said Niklas Persson, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy's Grid Integration business. “As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, our expertise and HVDC technologies are true enablers of the electrification of the global energy system and the transition to renewables.”

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  • Extreme E’s Desert X Prix Lands in NEOM to Kick-off the Race Season

    NEOM hosted the Extreme E Desert X Prix racing event last month with activities held over the course of four days from March 9-12, 2023. The partnership between ENOWA and Extreme E began last year and goes way beyond motorsport. It’s an innovation platform designed to accelerate climate action and build a more sustainable future for all.

    Extreme E prides itself on being more than an electric racing series, it focuses on being a sport with a purpose. They share the same beliefs as ENOWA, that technology is the essential underpinning of a sustainable future. For the Desert X Prix 2023, Extreme E put a spotlight on ENOWA’s pioneering vision of sustainability, with a particular focus on highlighting green hydrogen solutions, and preserving biodiversity in this remote desert region.

    Highlights from the weekend include:

    Unveiling a first of its kind fuel cell system

    On Thursday March 9th, Chief Executive Officer of ENOWA Peter Terium and Executive Director of Hydrogen and Green Fuels Ronald Kaeppner, unveiled the Hydrogen Fuel Cell system that delivered a successful first test of a new and innovative mobile fuel cell system provided by ENOWA in collaboration with Energys. The 1MW PEM Fuel Cell Powerplant has been rigorously designed and engineered to operate in harsh ambient conditions in the GCC.

    The Hydrogen Fuel Cell system is a first of its kind as it is a cutting-edge, low-zero carbon, off-grid energy technology, delivering a reliable hydrogen-based power solution for remote sites. Based on technical specifications developed by ENOWA, the unique system is one of the world’s largest commercial – created and used for business purposes -- operating fuel cells, with ‘first of its kind’ combined functions.

    ENOWA’s Student Day

    The following day, ENOWA welcomed students from Fahad Bin Sultan University (FBSU) in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia for a day full of learning opportunities and fun. ENOWA sponsors a number of students in the Renewable Energy and Mechatronics Departments at FBSU, many of whom were in attendance of the event. The sponsorship includes covering the costs of their studies, offering internships as well as job opportunities upon graduation. ENOWA makes it a priority to involve the students in projects and work taking place at the organization so they have the opportunity to learn and gain firsthand experience that is beneficial for their future employment.

    Activities on the Student Day included:

    • lectures and panel discussions with ENOWA experts,
    • a paddock tour, and
    • a hydrogen challenge which involved assembling a green hydrogen generator to power a small scale ENOWA Desert X Prix car that the students raced on a replica of the racetrack used by Extreme E racecar drivers.
    Race Days

    Staging its second edition of the Desert X Prix in NEOM, the Extreme E race saw 20 world-class drivers from 10 teams -- including former world champions -- compete against NEOM region’s spectacular backdrop.

    The Extreme E race is a gender equal motorsport where each team fields one female and one male driver in identical 550-bhp electric SUVs, over a two-lap race, known as an X Prix, ensuring a completely level playing field amongst competitors. During the two days of racing, we saw Kevin Hansen and Molly Taylor of Veloce Racing successfully navigate the course’s challenging terrain and secure victory in the first race on Saturday, while Mattias Ekström and Laia Sanz of the ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team took top honors in Sunday’s second race.

    Hydro X Prix in Scotland

    ENOWA is in full preparation mode for the next Extreme E race, the Hydro X Prix, which will be held on May 13-14 in Scotland. More information about Extreme E can be found on their website:

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  • ENOWA partners with KAUST to advance AI-driven, smart energy ecosystem

    ENOWA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to integrate artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technologies in energy systems. The signatories penned the agreement during The LEAP conference in Riyadh as the Kingdom welcomes global investors, thought leaders and innovators working to deploy AI solutions globally.

    The agreement will kickstart the groundwork for developing a broad range of initiatives that demonstrate AI-developed technologies for energy systems. These AI technologies are expected to overcome the challenges associated with different scales of time and space in the energy systems whose operations are governed by the laws of physics. The initiatives will include computational modeling and high-performance computing frameworks to develop smart energy systems and ecosystems. The MoU complements ENOWA's mission as it creates a world-class, smart and connected energy, water and hydrogen system to maximize water and energy efficiencies, ensuring sustainable management of resources.

    Speaking at the signing ceremony, Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, said: "Due to significant variabilities of resources such as wind and sun, AI technology is essential to manage and control the reliability and stability of a 100% renewable system. We are delighted to be partnering with KAUST as we both strive to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research and education, addressing national and global challenges. Together, we can bring fresh thinking and new energy solutions essential for the world as it transitions to sustainable energy sources."

    A broad range of collaboration opportunities will be explored under the MoU. These include climate reanalysis models, data assimilation and weather forecasting, renewable energy supply and demand, and technology that impacts energy transmission, distribution, storage, efficiency and consumption. Both parties will also explore the development of digital twin capabilities to analyze energy systems' structural, functional and cognitive components.

    Dr. Tony Chan, President of KAUST, emphasized the importance of the MoU: "KAUST is proud to partner with ENOWA to advance AI-driven technologies across the energy sector and its water nexus. This alliance is an important step in support of the Kingdom's goals to integrate data analytics and AI in numerous areas of national impact to improve efficiency, decision-making and performance.”

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  • ENOWA ENACT conference at World Future Energy Summit

    ENOWA brings engagement and action to the fore at World Future Energy Summit 2023

    ENOWA kicked off the year as it means to go on; with purpose and action. NEOM's energy, water and hydrogen subsidiary partnered with World Future Energy Summit - the world's leading energy-transition event - to stage its first ENACT Conference.

    January's one-day event in Abu Dhabi brought together industry leaders, innovators and thinkers for a unique opportunity to see how ENOWA is taking action and making progress on a future of resilient, clean energy at-scale.

    ENACT offered delegates unprecedented insight and inspiration on the challenges and opportunities of making resilient, clean energy at scale a reality in NEOM and globally.

    Hosted by Ceciel Mulders, ENOWA's Head of Marketing, a who's-who of energy and water experts took to the stage for a series of presentations, interviews and panels. Nurturing a green hydrogen ecosystem, fostering advanced tech in carbon abatement, utilizing immersive digital channels in community engagement, and creating energy- efficient cooling were just some of the big topics covered.

    And, in the spirit of partnering, ENACT invited special guests from leading industry players such as Siemens Middle East and CG Tech to share how they too are creating blueprints for a sustainable future.

    Here's a snapshot of the highlights from ENOWA's first ENACT Conference, and here's to a future of clean energy and water.

    On ENOWAs path to a true 100% renewable energy system:

    "We intend to elevate the concept of livability and nature preservation to the next level at ENOWA and in order to get there, we have to deliver an energy system that has never been built at that scale, in that timeline, with all the innovation."
    Thorsten Schwarz, Executive Director. Grid Technology

    On Green Hydrogen's role in the transition:

    "100% renewable energy is a challenge, but NEOM's geographical and legacy-tree nature make it the perfect place to start the journey. ENOWA has the unique opportunity to embrace all possible applications of Hydrogen.”
    Ralph De Haan, Business Development Director, Hydrogen

    On creating energy-efficient district cooling:

    “The technologies we are looking at today are all designed to ensure we operate in the most efficient possible.”
    Julian Borredon, Director, Cooling

    On effective carbon management:

    “Every day brings with it possibilities to live better work better, and care for our planet better. Integrated carbon-as-a-service frameworks are paving the way to carbon neutrality.”
    Franck Bernard, Director, Flexibility, Carbon

    Bringing it all full circle, why embracing immersive digital technologies is key:

    "Enabling the future of clean energy begins by enabling our future generations. We need to understand how tomorrow's customers will engage with utility providers and design to meet those expectations.”
    Frank Brichau, Executive Director, Customer & Digital

    ENOWA enacted conference - Bing video

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  • ENOWA, KAUST, and SEC sign MOU to build cryogenic capture technology project at Dubay

    ENOWA has partnered with KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) and Saudi Arabia Electric Company (SEC) to build a pilot cryogenic carbon capture plant in what is considered one of the world's largest demonstrations of this technology to date.

    In an official ceremony at the Saudi Green Initiative Forum at #COP27, HRH Minister of Energy Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman officiated the signing of two significant documents. The partnership allows years of dedicated research and development to be put into practice, signifying the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to move from "ambition to action" with its climate action plans.

    Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, said, "Since its launch in March 2022, ENOWA has achieved significant milestones as it seizes the full potential of renewable energy and advances decarbonization efforts. We are delighted to partner with KAUST as we both strive to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research and education, addressing national and global challenges. Together, we can bring fresh thinking and new energy solutions essential for the world as it transitions to sustainable energy sources."

    Saudi Electricity Company will build and operate the pilot plant. All three partners are committed to the global momentum to increase the use of efficient and affordable carbon capture technology.

    Cryogenic carbon capture technology is a highly energy-efficient and low-cost process with the potential to radically reduce carbon emissions and, therefore, the carbon footprint of the Kingdom. The pilot project is expected to capture 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide daily from SEC's Green Duba Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) power plant.

    The carbon captured at the pilot plant is then ready to transport as pure liquid CO2 at room temperature, suitable for food and beverage applications, and with the majority used to produce e-fuels designed to replace fossil fuels for internal combustion engines.

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  • Extreme E Copper X Prix

    As part of our partnership with the electric racing series Extreme E, in September, ENOWA travelled to Chile for the Extreme E Copper X Prix. The first sport ever to be built out of social purpose, Extreme E aims to minimise environmental impact, but maximise awareness of climate change and the technologies that might power change.

    To highlight the specific environmental challenges and opportunities of Chile, we hosted the Making Mining Greener Panel led by ENOWA’s Roland Kaeppner, Executive Director, Green Hydrogen & Green Fuels, with contributions from Felipe Toro Vargas from Antofagasta Minerals, Hans-Werner Kulenkampff and Asunción Borrás of H2 Chile. Set in the heart of the Atacama Desert at the Antofagasta Minerals Centinela mine and Extreme E Copper X Prix track, the panel delved deep into the decarbonisation of mining, and how the transition ahead is one just as much for people as it is energy, and why green hydrogen really is so cool.

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  • Boosting EXTREME E With Green Hydrogen Power

    ENOWA and Extreme E enter a multi-year partnership to introduce green hydrogen power to the off-road racing championship beginning at the Island X Prix in Sardinia next week.

    Extreme E has become a role model to demonstrate the co-existence of motorsports, excitement and sustainability and an ambassador for our planet’s climatic hot spots through their dedicated race locations.

    By partnering ENOWA and Extreme E aim to implement innovative green hydrogen-based technologies to not only power the championship towards a 100% “leave no trace” ambition but also to showcase the opportunities around this technology. ENOWA will play an active part on the scientific advisory board of Extreme E and together ENOWA and Extreme E will develop educational programs intended to excite young generations about climate positive solutions.

    Commenting on the relationship Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, added: “Business decisions in NEOM have sustainability at their core which is why we are delighted to partner with Extreme E. Our partnership is aimed towards both creating visibility to the most urgent problems the planet is facing but at the same time demonstrating solutions that deliver meaningful impact. Together we can accelerate innovations in clean technologies powered by green hydrogen, contributing to hydrogen mobility markets and the future of global decarbonisation.

    Join us on the Electric Odyssey.

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  • WEX Global 2022

    Unlocking the power of the smart circular economy

    In June, ENOWA will be participating in and sponsoring WEX Global 2022. WEX (the water and energy exchange) is a hugely significant fixture in the water conference calendar, an event where the world’s leading minds and organisations come together to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

    This year, WEX will host more than 80 speakers, from 40+ countries, who’ll debate critical issues on ‘Unlocking the power of the smart circular economy’, and examine the connections between individual pillars of water, energy, and waste.

    Naturally, each of these are subjects are the very heart of ENOWA and we’ll be using the opportunity to demonstrate the innovate approaches we’re taking to bringing a 100% renewable energy system to life.

    Find out more about WEX Global 2022:

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  • New generation desalination plant

    ENOWA has signed an MoU with ITOCHU and Veolia to develop a first-of-its-kind selective desalination plant. The plant will be powered by 100% renewable energy and situated in OXAGON, NEOM's advanced manufacturing and innovation city.

    Set to produce its early-water in 2024, the new facility will be key to realizing ENOWA's ambitions to create a sustainable, abundant water supply for residential, industrial, and commercial use.

    Commenting on the MoU, Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, said "At ENOWA, our vision is to create a sustainable abundance of life's most essential elements, all in harmony with nature. Partnering with global leaders in sustainable water solutions is key to NEOM's ambition to become a global benchmark for integrated sustainable water systems.”

    Pictured are signatories from each company. From left to right: Robert Garner, Head of Water Supply, ENOWA; Kenji Otsuka, CEO Middle Eastern Bloc, ITOCHU; Peter Terium, CEO, ENOWA; Gavin Van Tonder, Executive Director, Water, ENOWA; Pascal Grante, CEO Near & Middle East, Veolia.

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  • HIDC Conference

    On March 29, ENOWA introduced the Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center (HIDC), the first of its kind in the region.

    The exclusive invite-only event took place in OXAGON, NEOM’s reimagined industrial city and global innovation hub. HIDC is part of NEOM’S plan to accelerate innovation and business development across the spectrum of hydrogen and green fuel production, utilization and transport. It has been conceived to support the Kingdom’s aim to become a global clean energy hub and an accelerator for circular carbon economy (CCE) technologies.

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  • Partner Conference

    As part of ENOWA’s official brand launch, ENOWA held a series of events for current and prospective partners on March 27 and 28 in Riyadh. The two-day conference treated attendees to a deep dive into various projects and investment opportunities being created by ENOWA.

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  • Launching ENOWA’s brand identity

    March 21st marks a major milestone for ENOWA as we launch our new brand name and identity.

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  • WFES Summit

    The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is a leading international event accelerating sustainability and the global transition to clean energy, taking place annually in Abu Dhabi. WFES 2022 took place in January, and the Summit included five simultaneous thought leadership forums: Solar & Clean Energy, EcoWASTE, Climate & Environment, Smart Cities, and Water.

    ENOWA participated in WFES as the principal partner, where it promoted investment opportunities around energy, water, and hydrogen. The ENOWA booth stood out with its stunning design and was visited by 1000+ visitors. In addition, the Solar and Clean Energy Forum kicked off with a keynote by Jens Madrian, Executive Director, NEOM Energy, as well as other participants.

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